You have heard of it and you know it is online. We all have been instructed to go to it and sign in. Here is what you need to do to update/view the directory. Go to the site, put in a Username and Password. The request for access will be sent to the church office for approval. Only members/associate members are allowed access and only for personal use – never for marketing purposes. Once approved, you will be granted access to verify your information and add a picture. You will be able to see other members, too. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log onto
  2. Enter info: Username & Password
  3. Wait for approval (this is not instantaneous so watch for approval)
  4. Verify or update your info (it may already be there)
  5. Take a selfie with your phone
  6. Insert your photo (you may change it weekly if you’d like)

Remember that there are listings for ‘families’ and for ‘members’. You are done! Pastor, Elders and members want to know you. Come be a part of the Bethel family directory. All information is private and may not be used by anyone for soliciting. If you need help or have questions, call the church office at 727 799 3010 or Jane Otte, Stewardship member, at 727 409 0137.